Destination Wedding Photography in Slovenia – Frequently asked questions

1.) How is it to choose Slovenia for our destination wedding?

Our goal is to give you the most richness and diversity of top gem ambiences you can find in Slovenia and destinations in it’s near proximity.
With Slovenia’s position in the heart of Europe, pictoresque places like Alps, city of Venice, the Carst region with world class, beautiful old city of Ljubljana, dreamy Panonnia and many more, are within reach.

You can get a huge diversity of great experiences for a very reasonable price without needing to travel a lot during your stay. From the capital, Ljubljana, you can reach the sea as well as the mountains in an hour drive.

Exact itinerary can be tailored to your wishes.

Poročna fotografija - poroka v Gorah

2.) Why choosing us to visually tell the story of your wedding day?

We are a team of photographers, to whom photography is their lives’s passion.

We’ll tell your wedding love story in a sensual, personal and fun way. Our purpose is to give you images shining with the genuine emotions that you feel for
each other. Even even years later, looking at them, you’ll be able to feel the softness of your partner’s kiss, brightness of their laughter and the smell of the perfume they were wearing that day.

We’ll leave you images to take your breath away, time and time again.

3.) What’s the value of the wedding photos?

Our pricing is reasonable. It depends of the duration of our presence, location and of the kind of enlargements and wedding books you will wish to have. Let us know your wishes and you will recieve the customized price!Poroka_Sara&Ziga_02

4.) When and how do we book the wedding photography session?

It’s good to book us for your wedding day as soon as possible. The dates fill up with time. Usually people like to book 6-12 months in advance. If you like the images, let’s check the availability. Later we can arrange a meetnig to get to know each other and discuss your wishes. If possible we can meet in person, othervise via Skype or phone.

Your wedding session will be booked by the transfer of the first half of value of your order.Poročna fotografija - Ženin in nevesta v vinogradu

5.) Who does your team for wedding photography consist of?

The size of my team depends on the size of the wedding and on your wishes.

It’s usually the most efficient when weddings are shot by the photographer and the assistent, or by two photographers.


6.) What is the advantage of having two photographers working for you?

A wedding is a vivid and intense event.Many important things are happening at the same time.While the ceremony is happenig on one side, there are precious emotional little things, like kids playing, happening all around. If they are not photographed, they are gone. While one photographer is shooting close ups, the other one can take the total.

Two photographers manage to catch all the epic shots, as well as little tender sparkling details happening all around. They simultaneously cover two different points of view and can help each other with lighting and logistics.

Poročna fotografija - Poročna prstana od blizu

7.) What is the most efficient time to do the wedding portrait session?

The most efficient time for the wedding portrait session is on an earlier day. Then it can be done at ease, without time pressure. If we do the wedding portrait session on the wedding day, it needs to be scheduled well.

8.) In what way are we getting our wedding images?

You will get a manually retouched selection of your best 100 photos in a digital format. Along  with it, you will get about a 1000 other photographies for archival purposes. From the best images, we’ll make you your wedding book. This will be the best memory from your wedding day lasting for generations.

Which are the images you have left from your childhood or your parents’s early days? For me, they are images my parents have collected in a book, along with a few enlargements.

Couples usually want one for themselves, and often wish to have additional copies for the parents, sometimes also friends. It’s also great to have some of the best portraits enlarged for the wall.


11.) Can we have a studio session too?

Of course. Couples love to studio sessions as engagement sessions, as well as wedding studio sessions. Planning it, we need to consider well the schedules. Sometimes it is possible to squeeze it into the wedding day, although it’s much more relaxed if done on an earlier day.

10.) Will you also make us a wedding video?

We trust the filming of the weddings to our close co-workers who are specialised in it. They’ll show the atmosphere of your wedding with a touching movie.

For more information, write to or call +386 41 972 586